The gas pipeline attached to you home may potentially the most dangerous pipeline that should be fit when compared to the other various pipelines fitted under the house. These pipelines are not to be taken lightly, any faults in these pipelines will cause catastrophic damage to your property and injuries or deaths to your loved ones. If you, your family or friends come across a gas leak, a leaky pipeline or any kind of gas leakage, the best thing to do is to contact a professional contractor to solve the problem. Do not try to fix anything without professional help, because that may cause injuries or even be fatal in the case of an incident to occur.

The most commonly used gas for everyday purposes is natural gas, which is a compound of carbon and hydrogen. Natural gas is also extremely environment friendly and releases lesser amounts of greenhouses gasses when compared to the other fuels such as wood, oil and fossil fuels like coal. The purpose of a gas pipeline is to supply this natural gas to your kitchens and your hot water systems. So, what do you do if you detect a gas leak in or around your house? Here are some of the factors to remember to potentially save your life and the people around you.


Natural gas is an odour gas in itself. Although, to detect a leak or a damage to the pipes the organisations that manufacture these gasses add the gas sulphur to give a distinct “rotten egg” odour. If you happen to identify that there is a leak in your house and the odour is quiet strong, you would have to immediately contact your local gas supplier or a gas company and leave the room in which the gas has been leaking. Breathing the natural gas could asphyxiation, which would make it harder to breathe and cause fatigue to your body. You can learn more information about this here


After contacting your local gas company, you would still have to do a couple of things to ensure the safety of your house and your neighbourhood. The first point to remember after you detect a gas leak in your house is avoid flipping any electrical switches in your house, use any electrical appliance in your home; which includes the telephone, the doorbell and other minor electrical devices. Avoid lighting candles or any sort of flame since this would light the gas. Also, open all available doors and windows for the gas to dissipate and diffuse into the air outside. After the gas company arrives, the gas plumber Fremantle would fix the leaky pipe. You should still wait outside until all the gas from the house escapes into the air.Any form of gas leak is dangerous and possibly life threatening. You should take extra precaution in the case of a gas leak and follow the most practical steps. Responsibility and being intelligent in what you do could save yourself and your loved ones from potential danger.

What You Need To Do In Case Of A Gas Leak