Solar panel mesh

Solar panels are the ultra pro technology commonly in many residential and commercial buildings for electricity generation. These are fitted with an entire assembly composed of panels, wires, battery, bulbs and solar panel mesh. Other important parts are practically involved in electric supply to the building; however, the mesh present in the premises of the panel systems is only used to serve as a protection measure. This is mostly used as precautionary measures for the birds particularly the pigeon nesting under solar panels. It is to keep the system secure as well as the bird safe during their flight and rest period.

Purpose of solar panel mesh installment

There are various parts in the kit of solar panels that are later installed by inter-connecting the individual components. One main part is the solar panel mesh which is a form of network of steel wires to forma cage shape structure around the panel system. The main purpose of the solar panel mesh construction is to protect the system from damage and faults. This maintains the roof, electrical wiring, panel plates and batteries safe and keeps them in good working condition. The protection facility is aided so that the resting birds and rodents around the panel surrounding do not bite or chew the wires and make them system down.

The mesh is created in such a way that it does not harm the bird in any way but act as a carriage over the solar panel. Therefore, to avoid any future structural complications and corrosion consequences it is recommended to install the solar panel mesh along with the main panel complex for extra security.

Pigeon nesting under solar panels

Birds usually come over the roof for stay, rest and feeding purposes. This situation can become an alarming state if the solar panel system is mounted over the roof surface like instance of pigeon nesting under solar panels. It is dangerous for the safety of the panels and its wiring. Birds can significantly reduce the overall efficiency of the panel system, minimizing the extent and degree of electric supply. The instance in which the birds poop, this can cover the light passage area for the panel.

For example, cases where the pigeon nesting under solar panels are a little problematic. Pigeon’s poop is found to be very high in acidity and can evidently lower the efficient running and performance of the panel batteries. It not only creates faults in the system but can make your valuable investment zero. As it is inconvenient not only for the owner financially but mentally disturbing too because of the system failure, it is better to pigeon proof the premises of the solar panel systems.


Solar panel mesh is an additional but significant part of the entire panel complex facilitated for protection leads. The pigeon nesting under solar panels can turn problematic by corrosion and wiring failures, ruining the normal operating condition of the panels and batteries.

Purpose Of Solar Panel Mesh Installation

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