What are the biggest mistakes you can make when installing home security systems Sydney? Read on below:

  • Passwords – following security camera installation, most security solutions providers will leave the security settings of your cameras with basic access. That is, either the passwords are disabled, or the login details are simple words such as ‘admin’, ‘password’ or ‘123’. Most providers will let their customers know to change these settings once the installation is complete, but even in case they do not let you know about this, it is imperative that you check the settings of your IP cameras. If you find similar simple access methods, quickly change them to more robust passwords containing characters, numbers and symbols. The worst thing that could happen to you otherwise, is for the burglar to access your cameras and disable them (making their whole installation pointless).
  • Wireless range – there may be certain locations in your residence or business premises where it might be difficult or even downright impossible to carry wiring to. In these cases, surveillance camera installation is done through the use of wireless receivers. It is also becoming more and more common for all cameras in a security system to be installed wirelessly due to the practicality of this method. However, this gives to one problem if the installation is done carelessly: that is, the cameras are installed outside of the wireless range. Always keep in mind the range of the receivers before installing the cameras, or you will find they won’t work.
  • Lighting issues – another basic mistake you can see with surveillance cameras is not in their installation per se, but in the surroundings. For a camera to properly capture footage, proper lighting is of the utmost essentiality. The problem is often avoided in indoors location, but in the case of outdoor locations, lighting should be an important aspect of installing a surveillance system. Make sure that the area is well-lit so that the cameras can actually pick up motion at night and during other low-light situations.
  • Lack of maintenance – many owners of surveillance systems often install their cameras and leave them as is afterwards. This is a big mistake, because like every other device,  ideal security cameras also need to undergo regular maintenance. Preferably, a professional has to check them at least once a year for any potential issues and malfunctions, but the homeowner or business owner should also check the cameras periodically. To this end, you should make sure to periodically review the footage of the cameras (it is ideal if you can review the footage daily, but this might not be possible for every person).
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